Welcome to The Denise Gentilini Project

Denise is a three time Emmy®  Award winning composer/songwriter with 40 years of experience writing music for film and producing artists. Using her music for social justice, Denise focuses on writing songs with intention.


Denise's most current film project is the Cindy L. Abel film, Surviving the Silence, the untold story of two women in love who helped change military policy. Their previous collaboration, Breaking Through, shares the stories of self-doubt and triumph of openly LGBT elected officials.


Next up - the release of a new music video featuring Lauren Shealy singing, The Little Things, written by Denise Gentilini & Lisa Nemzo.

Then - a project with Rekha Ohal.

A song production with David Nehls

...and much more!


Stay tuned for some NEW and INTERESTING posts coming soon from The Denise Gentilini Project.