We Are Voices

Denise Gentilini/Various

We Are Voices is a collection of original songs written by Denise Gentilini and her co-writers performed by various artists. Uplifting, thought provoking lyrics combined with dynamic productions that will make you feel every emotion possible.

This CD is filled with many years of songwriting of timeless music that has finally found it's time. These songs were written years ago but never fully realized beyond the demo stage until this release. With the contribution of vocals by many local Denver singers such as Beth Avedis, Hazel Miller and Sheryl Renee, this music has been elevated to a whole new level. From the Los Angeles based singer Robbyn Kirmsse's haunting cry for peace in My Conviction to the uplifting vocal by Beth Avedis on The Grace of the Moment, this CD will surely touch everyones heart and soul as well as inspire everyone to think about love, life on this planet and all humanity.

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