Breaking Through (from "Breaking Through")

Denise Gentilini


Pop, adult contemporary with a little rap mixed in - used in the documentary film of the same name, Breaking Through. Vocals by Denise Gentilini, background vocals by Sam Nichols and rap by Thomas Silcott. Produced and arranged by Denise Gentilini.

A thought provoking song focusing on the issue of LGBT rights and marriage equality. Used as the end credits song in the documentary film, Breaking Through, whose subject matter deals with LGBT politicians who ran for office openly gay and their experiences and triumphs, this song encapsulates those stories. Written, produced and performed by Emmy award winning composer Denise Gentilini, this song will inspire you to open your hearts and minds to the issues of LGBT people and their struggles. Background vocals by Sam Nichols and the rap is performed by Thomas Silcott.

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